Wait for it, wait for it

So yes it was a rather eventful weekend, so much so that I have to break it into two parts. First of all to keep the story I am going to tell separate from the basic what I have been up to and because I want to get some of this stuff out there now.

The Halloween season was good despite the fact I didn’t get dressed up in any costumes this year, though it was from a lack of ideas. On Thursday Britt and Vanessa came up to Salem to check out the scene and while it was slightly disappointing I think it is safe to say everybody involved had a good time. The candlelit tour was definitely a highlight for me, not only because of the scary tour guide, but because so many people had trouble with their candles, from Vanessa dropping her’s about two minutes into the tour to the old woman’s which caught fire and had to be put out by her daughter. The wax museum was blah and not necessarily worth the six bucks, but it was somewhat informative. Here is the slide show for that Pre-Halloween Slideshow

On All Hallow’s Eve I met up with the Emerson crew and went with them while they trick or treated on Beacon Hill. It was a new experience for me since I only know Halloween in Amesbury and was quite impressed by the amount of participation by the people on the Hill. Almost all of the people handing out candy had costumes and even more people had some sort of decorations up. One house actually had a cotton candy machine and was giving out cotton candy. A couple house made the kids put on a little show before they were allowed candy, which allowed Ryan the chance to use his Cuban Rowing team joke. Why doesn’t Cuba have a rowing team? Answer: Because all the good rowers are in Florida. The act worked well and helped the candy count. I left Boston on the 9:30 train, which was a mad house because of all the people in costumes heading for Salem. The train was packed and everybody was talking and just having a great time. We finally got to Salem and upon stepping off the train I was amazed to see the people on the platform waiting to go back to Boston. Almost everybody was in costume and they were all a little intoxicated. I decided to walk downtown and just see what the Salem Halloween Scene was all about and boy did I see. Every street downtown was closed and people were just aimlessly walking around checking out everybody elses costumes. Now people have asked me what costumes I saw, but I honestly couldn’t tell you because I saw so many. One observation I can make is there were a lot of people dressed in slutty outfits, from slutty nurses to the extremely popular school girl outfit. I did a couple laps of downtown and then went home.

I woke up early on Saturday to go to Maine and help move a hot tub on to the deck at our new house. I got up there at nine and we had it on the deck by 10:30. I then helped do some work around the yard, believe me it was so exciting. I did at one point play baseball with rocks and a piece of wood, until the bat broke. Notice in the pictures how I almost backed my car into a sink hole. Here are some pictures per my mom’s request Ski House

Later in the day I went for a ride over to good old Grafton Notch State Park and took some waterfall pictures, which can be seen in the Grafton Notch slideshow I then picked up my season pass at Sunday River and began the long trip back to Salem. To be continued….