So Close

For once I was a good kid and held back on spending a huge chunk of change on a tech gadget. The gadget in question is the iPod.

I was actually in the Apple Store last night and asked the guy a bunch of questions about Firewire and Windows compatability. I filled in the rest of the information I had been wondering about and then began to walk out of the store. I thought twice and then walked out of the store without and iPod, my reasoning was, well I don’t really know, since I am confident that I will use the hell out of it and while it is $400, the amount of music I can put on it, calendar, contacts and various games are definitely worth the money. The use of it during the ski season alone will make it worth it. Perhaps I will save $20 and buy it in NH this weekend for my anticipated foliage trip

Passwordless Head of the Charles Pictures

I have so much to say, but have to get to work now. However I can squeeze this one comment out. What is the deal with all of the people with the blonde highlights and all this hair lightening that is going on? I wish everybody would just go to their natural hair color so we could see how many brunettes there are out there. It is just out of control.