John's Last Day

The whole process began late in August when State Street finally opened the Career Line back up for internal postings. We were finally going to benefit from our commitment to the company, which was shown by not taking the package, and would now be able to post for one of the hundreds of jobs that were now available. The postings went out and interviews were done. I was denied, but John was given some opportunities, but the ability to post was then revoked by management. A small problem existed in order to get the new job he had to post for it since he had actually posted for a different job with the same manager, the only problem was he now was not allowed to post. What followed was a nightmare by any office workers standards. A promotion then a demotion followed by several calls to HR, emails with the new hiring manager, meetings with the current manager and lots of back and forth between all three groups. A resolution was finally made and now six months after first posting on the Career Line, John will be leaving our group and moving on to Quincy.

John joined the PC group a couple years ago after working in the pricing group. I took him under my wing (the lamest phrase ever) and taught him how to write code, create Access databases and anything else we need to know to complete a day of work. He caught on and was working on his own after only a few weeks. Of course he would occassionally pester me about one thing or another and still to this day doesn’t quite have a complete grasp with his string concatenation, but in his defense it can sometimes be confusing. Now while I taught him about computers he helped to always give me a new perspective on life outside of work. As you all know I don’t exactly make the best decisions in my life and thanks to John I have made many less than I might have otherwise. He would never sugar coat his opinion about whatever crazy purchase I was going to make or what girl I was going to waste my time and money on. Now we didn’t always agree and sometimes bickered back and forth about things just like any two people forced to sit next to each other for eight hours a day five days a week will do. However I would have to say we have had some crazy times back here in the PC group despite the constant loss of friends. i.e. Suha, Julie and Scottie. Okay in order to avoid be too sentimental I am going to create a list of classic PC group things:
-Over played songs on WBCN (Hey Ya by Outkast, Lose Yourself by Eminem, Bring Me To Life by Evanessence
-Napkin and condiment drawer
-Marc aka Marty aka Dinghy
-Constant crying and bickering from a former pricing coordinator
-Suha sitting in the PC group chair
-My depression and weight loss back in the winter of 2001-2002
-John’s explosive gas
-Trying to fit into the pricing groups weird refrigerator looking box
-Hours of tossing the yellow foam ball especially practicing the knuckle ball
-Daily Red Sox discussions
-Criticism of my dating skills
-Holiday party shenanigans
I could go on and on, but I think you all get the idea. Yes it is a sad day and work just won’t be the same especially if people keep leaving and I am the only one here in five years. So please join me in wishing John the best of luck in his new job and also with everything else in his life. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Scottie’s Last Day Entry