Full Weekend

Wow it was a full weekend and I don’t know if I am going to fit it all on this one page. I will give it a try though.

The last time I wrote it was a few short hours before my widsom tooth was supposed to come out. I met my mom in the park and we went to the dentist’s office. I went in and sat in the chair and the assistant asked if I was ready for my filling. I laughed and said, “Ah no I am getting my wisdom tooth out. She was confused and said that the doctor I was seeing couldn’t possibly be doing an extraction. She left and came back to tell me I was right and that he would be taking my tooth out. The dentist finally came in and told me usually an oral surgeon would do the procedure, but since I needed it out sooner than later he would take care of it. He said he used to work in a prison and had done several extractions in his time. I smiled and said, “Well at least you will get some practice.” At this point I was super nervous, but just kept breathing. The novacaine shots were fine and after waiting for that to settle in he came back to take the tooth out. It was painless. He just stuck this device in my mouth to twist the tooth around and applied pressure to the side of my face to counter the tool. After about ten minutes of pushing and twisting he put it on the little table next to me. That was it, all of my whining and complaining about nothing. He stuck gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding and I thanked him and walked out to the waiting room. I was a little dizzy out there, but after a minute regained my balance and left with my wisdom tooth now out of my mouth and in a little bag in my hand. My mom drove me home to Somerville where I spent the rest of the day lying in bed listening to music. It was such a boring day. The tooth hole never became sore once over the entire weekend. I had trouble eating, but that was because I tried to avoid that side of my mouth so I didn’t re-open the wound. Overall it was a piece of cake. To see a picture take a look at the end of the Sunday in Plymouth slideshow. It was a nasty and rotten tooth, I think I really need to get the other three out, because I assume they look the same.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling fairly well, and I probably could have gone to work, but instead I took the day off. Jen and I decided at the last minute to go for a ride up north to the White Mountains for a scenic trip of the area. It would have been nice to hike, but I certainly wasn’t up for that. We left Somerville at 8:30 on Friday morning and shot up 93 to the Kancamagnus Highway. We stopped at an overlook and took some pictures. It was a very cool day, but the temperature was just right for a sweater. Who would have thought a sweater in August? We stopped at a couple of spots along the highway before eating lunch in North Conway. Unfortunately due to my tooth, I had to eat a big bowl of chili for lunch. Now don’t get me wrong I love chili, but the menu at this place was gigantic. Ahhhhh, all I wanted was to eat some french fries. The original plan was to drive up Mount Washington, but it was cloudy and I figured it would be a waste of time to drive up into a cloud. Next stop Bethel. We stopped at the ski house, but Noelle wasn’t home, so we just looked around and went back towards Massachusetts. It was so nice to be back in Maine again after such a long hiatus, the back roads were so much fun to drive down. I miss doing that every weekend. Since the triathlon was the next day I needed to go to 39R for my bike. We picked that up and on the way to Salem (yes I moved just wait a minute) we stopped at Hodgies. Jen had never been there so it was funny to see her face when the guy handed her a ¼ kiddie on a cone. Haha, it was huge all two and a half scoops of it piled high. I laughed as he handed me my ¼ kiddie packed as a to go order. Oh boy that Hodgies it gets them every time. Now I had to go to Salem to pick up my deposit from Jesse. It was a quick stop, but we didn’t get there until around 9PM. Haha, talk about a long drive, in 12 hours you can drive to North Carolina or Ohio. Overall it was a long exhausting day, but not being at work was such a great feeling.
Tour De New England Photos

Saturday was the Long Pond Triathlon. I woke up early to be down in Plymouth by 8:00. Yes I know more driving, can’t get enough. It was my third LPT, but second that I was not competing in due to injury. I did chicken out again and used my recent oral surgery as an excuse, but I really didn’t want to be running and then start bleeding out of my mouth. Everybody was at Kate’s house when we got there and of course confusion ensued as we tried to logistically move bikes, people, clothes and the other stuff involved with the race. It went smoothly and around nine twenty everybody was at the shore ready to swim. Once again I was on boat duty, which was fine with me, especially now that I am much better at handling the boat. Those outboards are very strange, I definitely prefer steering wheels. The race went well with Dr. Mark winning the BoCaNO division. To pass time during the race I was coerced into going swimming, which turned out to be relaxing and not as cold as I thought it would be. We hung out at the Wilson’s for a little while and then went back to Kate’s house for lunch. Everybody was just chilling relaxing and talking out by the water. It was great. The food was pretty good, it was nice to eat solid foods again. Andy and Mark left to get ready for the races and eventually we all drove over to see them. We piled into the Tippy Tin Boat with Chippy Red Paint. The name is very descriptive, but does not justice to about how tippy the boat really was. Dr. Mark, Kate, Jen, Clemence and I all climbed in and the boat dropped a half foot deeper into the water. At one point Clemence decided to switch seats and I was certain we were going over, it was crazy. Andy finished third in the Sunfish race which meant he would be getting a flag at the meeting that night. After the race, Clemence went sailing with Andy, while Dr. Mark grabbed a kayak and tore off to explore the pond. A half hour later he returned and we went back to Kate’s. I was exhausted at this point and we went back to Somerville, after another full day. Thanks Kate for arranging another great Long Pond Triathlon. Next year I have to compete, regardless of my physical health.
Long Pond Triathlon Photos

I woke up early on Sunday and decided to go back down to Plymouth. Last night they tried to convince me to go down there, but instead I went to the North End for some pizza, and mocha with the collage girls. I had never really sat in one of those cafe’s before and it was great. Thanks for letting me hang with you girls. You Rock!! I got to Plymouth at 8:00 AM and instead of waking people up I just sat down by the water and enjoyed the perfect weather. I finally called Kate to let her know I was there. Eventually everybody (Clemence, Andy, Mark and Kate) were sitting on the dock. We were like a bunch of turtles sunning ourselves on the dock. It was getting late in the morning so we went out for breakfast. Wow I ate so much food. I hadn’t eaten a decent breakfast in ages so I had to make up for it. Afterwards we went to the ocean for a bit. Then it was back to the ponds for the afternoon races. Finally I went to dinner with Mark, Kate and Sam. It was so relaxing and the perfect way to end a busy weekend.
Sunday In Plymouth Photos