Another Offer

Kaleb: Day 79

Just a quick post before I go work for the day. Yesterday we went up to Merrimac and looked a house down near the river and it was fantastic. So we have placed an offer on the house and now are awaiting a response from the sellers. I will post more details of the house later when things are more locked in.

After submitting the offer we stopped at AndyMan for some lunch and went back to my mom’s house. We spent most of the afternoon there and then went over to my dad’s to visit. Kaleb enjoyed yet another trip to Amesbury. Everybody is so amazed at how fat he has gotten since they last saw him. Unfortunately we don’t have a scale that measures such small things so we don’t know how much he weighs at this point, although our estimates from holding him and standing on the scale and then just standing on the scale put him around 8.5 or 9 pounds.

Okay thats all for now, I will keep this updated with any new house information.


UPDATE: We had one back and forth with the offer, but around 4PM this afternoon it was accepted and we are now under agreement.