Weekend = Ehhhh

Independence Day Photos
It was a long weekend and I guess it was a long weekend. I had a boring Saturday, which involved laundry in Amesbury and then a little trip up the coast to Rye and Portsmouth. The game was on so I watched that at seven and then went to bed. Such an exciting day. However, Sunday was a completely different story. I woke up early and drove down to Plymouth for an old school all american Independence Day. The day starts with some singing, flag raising and Declaration of Independence reading. Next on the list was a baseball game over at Bloody Pond. We put together a couple of teams and played an awesome game. I was on the Rodeo Clowns, we trailed for most of the game, but got our act together late. I started the game off well with a couple of home runs and then became impatient and just hit whatever came at me for the next couple at bats. Twice I left the bases loaded and in the bottom of the ninth down by two stepped up to the plate with a runner on base. Once the right pitch came I swung and knocked it out of the park to tie the game. The inning ended and we played one out extra innings. In the bottom of the eleventh we won the game. Hooray!!!

After the game was a nice lunch at somebody’s house, I don’t know who, there were lots of new people yesterday. The food was good though and it was fun hanging out with Pond People. We heard the air horn which means only one thing, race time is right around the corner. Kate and I went back across the pond and sat on the dock waiting for the race to begin. Once it started we went out on the boat to keep track of the action. It was a very dramatic finish with the winner capsizing as he crossed the finish line. Rich was back at the house and we all went back across the pond to the Yacht Club meeting. It was as fun as it sounds. Believe it or not we went back across the pond again, to figure out what was next. Rich and I attempted fishing, but of course I came up bare handed again. A plan was formed and we drove to the supermarket to buy some food. A nice BBQ was had at Kate’s house before we rushed off to the beach for a little fireworks display. You can see some of the pictures in the slide show. At this point it was getting late and I decided to go home. Unfortunately on the way I ran into heavy traffic at 11:30 on Route 3, so I turned back South and looked for an alternate route. Finally at about 1:00 I drove up my street. What a long day.

This morning I woke up extra early to bring a video camera to my brother. Afterwards I came home and slept for a little while before deciding to check out a movie. The parking lot at the Liberty Tree Mall was packed, Christmas style packed. The theater had a line out the door for regular tickets and automatic tickets. I stood in line for a little while and just gave in. It was so annoying, all I wanted to do was see a movie. So I took it old school and rented a movie at Blockbuster. Both movies were also books I had read, The House of Sand and Fog and Timeline. They were okay, nothing great. I came home and made some pizza dough. However for dinner I actually made some chicken quesadillas. Now I am sitting here at the computer updating my LJ. I hope everybody else had a lazy day today too, because otherwise I am going to feel bad about it.

DMB tomorrow and Wednesday. WooHoo!!!