Okay I continue doing the daily update thing, I am not addicted. It seems that despite being in a place I have never been I can still lead an efficient life. So after updating last night I did some more walking around. I went back to the room to rest a little bit and began planning for today. I went to eat in a hostel restaurant, because every place else is so expensive ($20 for everything). The food was bad and since I was the only American it sucked even more. I left there and walked around a bit to see the city at night. No sooner did I get in and it started to pour outside. I finished planning my day, organized my stuff, charged my electronics and went to bed. My inability to do cool things at night continues to be the case over here. I woke up after ten hours of sleep and quickly began my day. The museums didn’t open until 9:30 so I went to a couple places to take pictures. I grabbed breakfast at a little cafe. Once everything started opening I purchased a ticket good for five museums. I started in the Belfry tower, 361 or so steps and about a fifty mile an hour wind at the top not to mention the ringing of the bells. I then went to museum after museum throughout the day. I saw a sculpture by Michelangelo today, not the Ninja Turtle. It was pretty cool. I took a bazillion more pictures today. I am now on my fourth memory stick. What else? Oh yeah one of the museums for an old hospital so I had one of those audio things and I noticed this stairway and wondered if it was part of the exhibit since the sign in front of it was in dutch. I passed on it and then when I was listening to the very last pictures story at the very end it told me to go upstairs. It was almost like a test to see if you were listening and had gone to all the exhibits. I went upstairs and it was pretty boring, but still it was rewarding to pay attention.

Walking around after the museums I decided to take a canal ride, because they seem to be all the rage. It was great and I sat next to some Brits who are pretty classic people. I never thought I would be so excited about hearing people speak English. Everybody hear knows English, but they all speak Dutch, so when you hear English it is a rarity. At lunch I overheard some actual Americans and I struck up a conversation with them. It is just so strange to go an entire day without talking to anybody except for buying stuff. Tonight I ate at Pizza Hut, which was excellent. I then mailed everybody’s postcards. I finally found a use for all of my change, to buy stamps. I look forward to going back to my room and crashing now after walking about twenty miles today. Tomorrow I head back to Brussels and then on to Venlo and finally Well, Netherlands.
Until next time.
Best regards,