Saving my computer from the brink of reformatting

Did anybody see the bright object in the sky yesterday afternoon? It reminded me of the thing we used to see in the sky, called the sun. Well it was warm and put a smile on my face, so I decided to go for a little drive with the windows down. It was strange that I have been waiting for nice weather for so long and when it was finally here I couldn’t decide on one activity to do outside. I went to the bank to put some money in my savings account, for the first time in a while, I finally paid of my ski debt and am now back on track with my savings. The teller at the bank was a cutie, so I have even more incentive to go to the bank.

My computer last night decided to mess with me. It was working fine for a while, I actually transferred files from the computer downstairs to my computer. I intended to burn a CD for my car, but my computer had different plans. All of a sudden the blue screen of death popped up on the screen, so I restarted the machine. It began to load and then pop, there it was again. I then tried to open it in safe mode, but it stopped halfway through the load process again. Uh-oh!! It was getting late, so I decided to give up and go to sleep and deal with it another day. I turned the tv on and started to watch Dateline, which was doing a special on dating. It was interesting, but the entire time the computer is nagging away at the bag of my mind. I kept trying different things and the blue screen kept popping up. Finally I busted out the System Recovery CD, and really got to work on the computer. After messing around with the DOS prompt and trying to find the file which was causing the problem. I finally found it deleted it and was up and running, for a while I was nervous that I would lose my pictures and Dave Matthews Band. Time to do some backing up.

Dateline NBC last night followed four singles and their different attempts at dating in New York City. Each used a different system including: online personals, 8 minute dating, a weird video bar and a professional matchmaker. Being in the constant state of singledom, I was intrigued and watched the show with immense interest. Viewers from home were able to vote on who they thought would have success and for the viewers were wrong. The best approach seemed to be the 8 minute dating, while the professional matchmaker thing seemed expensive and to be honest a little bit sketchy. So what did I learn? I learned that it isn’t the method but the particular people you meet in those services that makes the difference. Most of the times when the people failed it was only because they just happened to meet the wrong people. Although the 8 minute dating may alleviate this problem since you meet so many people. I also learned that while 8 minute dating may be nerve racking at first, after meeting the first few girls the guy seemed to get the hang of it.