We Got It!!!

It is now official Jennifer and I will be moving to 40 Willow Avenue in Somerville on April 1st. After a week or so of waiting to hear from the landlord she finally called on Friday night with the good news. I was also fortunate enough to find somebody to fill my vacant room on Summer Street. Now a little bit about the place, I will have to rely solely on memory since I didn’t take any pictures. It is on the first floor of a two floor house on Willow Ave. The apartment has two bedrooms, a dining room a living room, bathroom (obviously), an entry way, a funky kitchen with a sink in the pantry. The walls are painted colors besides white, it recently received new windows that are going to be stained to match the molding. In the living room is a beautiful mantle and the dining room has a pass through china cabinet. The bathroom has a checkered tile floor with an iron foot bathtub. The stove and refrigerator are in the kitchen, but the sink is off to the side in a pantry type room where there are cabinets for food and dishes as well as the giant sink. It is very large and should provide us with plenty of space to get used to the whole living together thing. We are both very excited and are counting the days until we move in.

I promise to upload pictures as soon as I can get in there and take pictures!!!