Boy Am I Tired

Here I sit back in Somerville on a cold and dreary night, wishing I was sitting out on the porch at my grandmothers in Florida. The only bright spot about being back here is that I am listening to a live Dave Matthews Band webcast from the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. So far they haven’t played any new songs, but I think one will be coming up very shortly.

You probably want to know how the trip to Florida went, so I guess I should tell you it went very well. The flight down was fine and when we got there it was a bit humid, we remedied the situation by swimming in the pool that afternoon. On Saturday we drove down to the beach in the morning, but forgot towels and couldn’t enjoy the beach to its fullest potential. Despite the lack of a towel I still went swimming in the eighty degree water and it felt fabulous. We drove around a bit before closing out the morning by the pool. In the early afternoon we drove up to our hotel in Vero Beach and checked in. After showering and ironing we were ready for the wedding which was scheduled to start at 5:30. We got the beach club a little after five and had the car valet parked. Once there we found the rest of the crew and took some pictures before finding our seats. It was amazing, the weather was perfect, the waves were crashing behind the altar and the brass band was perfectly in tune. One by one the wedding party walked down the aisle and finally Jennie appeared and looked fantastic. The ceremony was relatively short which I really appreciated especially since I was baking in my suit out in the sun.
After the rings were exchanged and “I do’s” were said we enjoyed cocktails and hors’d’ouevres next to the pool. We stood in a circle, chatted and kept an eye open for the trays of food. My personal favorite was the cheesy poofs which tasted a lot like fried Cheez-Its.

Once the cocktail hour was over we started across the street to the golf club. On the way I noticed Ryan Hogan from Amesbury High and chatted with him for about fifteen minutes. Its very strange running in to somebody from good old AHS especially in Florida of all places. Once at the golf club we found our table and it was conveniently located right next to the band and the dance floor.

As soon as the band started playing their first song there were people out on the floor dancing. I found to be somewhat refreshing since at the last few weddings I went to it took about half of the reception for people to warm up. Of course being so close to the dance floor made it hard for Jennifer and I to just sit there so we were out there dancing 80% of the night. I have to admit we did get a little bit crazy out there dancing. At times it felt like we were in our own little world. We were really cutting up a rug and were getting comments from people constantly about our dancing. It was great and since Jennifer and I just love the attention it only encouraged us to dance more. Needless to say we had a great time dancing and met some really nice people. I can’t forget to mention the food, I had an amazing piece of beef that just melted in my mouth. The cake was also yummy, we were confused because it wasn’t the actual cake Brett and Jennie cut since it stayed whole even after we had finished our cake. By eleven I was a sweaty mess in my suit and the reception ended with all of the guests tossing rose petals on the happy couple.

We went back to the hotel and passed right out. The next morning we packed up the room and headed back to the beach club for brunch. Once again the food did not dissapoint. I loaded up on pastries and had some fresh squeezed orange juice. We all hung out in the sun for a couple hours and then we jumped back in the car and headed south towards West Palm Beach.

We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and then came back and had a dinner of pork chops and meatloaf. It was the biggest meal I had eaten in quite a while and could barely finish the amazing chocolate cake we had for dessert. It was great staying with Meme and I was really glad she got to meet Jennifer. It was great to hear so many stories about her, she has certainly had a ton of crazy experiences. It was also nice to see David and Sally since I hadn’t seen them in so long. They were also kind enough to help in our West Palm Beach orientation and transportation to the airport.

Overall the weekend was very relaxing and a lot of fun. I was able to do so many different things in such a short amount of time. We also found time to just chill and enjoy being in 80 degree weather for a change. Florida isn’t my favorite state ever, but it was a pretty good place to go last weekend.

Hopefully I will have pictures up soon. Stay tuned.