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Yes I shaved this morning, but not before I had a little fun. Okay so perhaps I have some sickness and have taken a ton of pictures of myself, but it is too cold to take pictures of outside. I hope you all approve of the new haircut and the removal of the goatee. That thing was so damn itchy, good riddance.

In other news

As most of you know it has been cold, but I will give you some numbers just to put it down somewhere. I woke up and went online to see that the temperature at Beverly Airport was -6, with a feels like temperature of -24. At 3PM yesterday in Boston the temperature was 40 and at 7 AM today it was -3. That is a drop of 43 degrees in 16 hours. Brrrr. Bottom line here is its cold. This leads me to my commute this morning. I woke up early so I could drive to train station to avoid the walk. I left the house at 7:15 to catch the 7:27 train. I arrived at the station at 7:20 and went to stand on the platform. Everybody was just standing there freezing their asses off while a photographer was taking pictures. I almost took a picture of him, but it was too cold. Thankfully I had my iPod and just did the “Dave Dance” to keep warm. The train finally showed up at 7:45 and we piled on, only to find out there weren’t anymore empty seats. However, despite the cold I still did the walk from North Station to work, it was tough.

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