My Morning Vista Comes to You

On my way to the train today I spied this interesting view and decided to stop to take a picture. So here they are.

Last night I was at work late again, but then went to Emmet’s Pub for BoCaNO. It was a rather low turnout with only Mark, Kate and Clemence there when I arrived. It didn’t matter to me as long I was able to get something to eat. As you all should know by now the BoSox won the game and now lead the series 1-0. Upon returning home I went upstairs at my house to watch the end of the baseball game with my landlord, Jesse and his buddy, Patrick. Those guys are crazy into the BoSox, so it was pretty funny. They get pretty psyched and never hesitate to yell at the top of their lungs. Very Classic, BoSox Fans!!!

I am kind of out of it today hence the odd entry. Everybody have a great day.