The Heat, My God the Heat!!!

So apparently the hot weather is here once again and I am starting to miss the sub zero temperatures of January (NOT!!!!!!). Obviously I hate the extreme temperatures during the day, but last night I spent about a half an hour just laying in the grass of Boston Common. The temperature was perfick!! I was near a few teenagers (two guys and one girl) they were throwing around a bottle of advil and a water bottle. I thought it was a bit odd, why not toss around a ball. Other things I noticed were the planes flying overhead. The averaged about one every minute, believe me I know I timed them. The common on a warm evening is also a girl mecca, most were excercising, which means leave me alone I want to get fit not get hit on. Some were coming home late from work, maybe I should play my guitar in the common every night and say will accept dates in lieu of tip money. Now wouldn’t that be hilarious.