Last night was interesting. I went to see an apartment in Somerville, right down the street from Kate. It was a great apartment, now I just have to wait and see if the two girls will pick me. Afterwards, Kate and I went to Uno for some pizza. The people in there were crazy. First of all there was a loud drunk guy, who kept yelling about every play in the BoSox game. The bartender was extra busy and stressed, and didn’t exactly provide the best service. The waiststaff was running all over the place, literally. They would shoot down the stairs with two plates in hand and then run through the bar. Next to me was a random guy, who asked Kate if she was a belly dancer, when I had left for the bathroom. On Kate’s side were some of the most annoying people we had ever seen. One in particular just went on and on bad mouthing everybody she works with. The game was long and typical of a Red Sox-Yankees game. I missed several trains to watch as much of the game as I could. Kate left somewhere around the twelfth inning and I finally had to go in the middle of the 13th. It was a great night overall though and as always the pizza was fantastic.

I finally made it home around 12:45 and quickly logged on to check email and stuff. One stop I made was at a weather website which showed me some intense storms tracking their way across the state. I knew I would be up once they were within ear shot. So I hopped into bed and tried to get some rest. Sure enough within a few hours I heard the first rumble of thunder and my eyes were open wide. In my typical state of fear I went into the living room, turned the lights on and checked out what was on the television. First the rain started to fall and then it started to slam down outside. I focused on the tv, but it didn’t really help much. The sound of thunder grew and grew, but I noticed it was South of Salem and wasn’t too worried. I waited a little while and went back to bed. The thunder continued was unbelievably loud, even though it had to have been twenty or thirty miles away. If the storm had hit us dead on like that I would have either ran out to my car and gone for a drive or grabbed my iPod and hid under my bed until morning.

One more thing. I was waiting for the train this morning and out of nowhere this weird old guy goes across the tracks and stands on the other side in the grass. I was puzzled by him and stopped reading the paper to see what he would do next. He kind of walked around kicking at the ground, and then standing where he kicked. He gazed off towards the parking lot and repeated this several times. I thought for sure he was going to be one of those crazy guys who jumps in front of the train. Thankfully he climbed back over the tracks and stood on the platform again. If he had jumped I would have been so pissed. I mean have some consideration for other people you know.