Alive and Well

Hi, yes it is true I am still alive. I haven’t updated in weeks, but somebody made a comment on my LJ wondering where I was, so here is the answer.
Things I have done since my last entry:
1) Attended two Dave Matthews shows. At the first one the band played a song they haven’t played live in twelve years, #34. Jennifer finally got to go to her first show and she loved every minute of it. The next day I brought Mark and we sat up in the fourth row on the right side. Both shows were fantastic. It brings my grand total of shows attended up to 47.
2) Fourth of July weekend was extremely busy for me. On the Friday before I went to Quincy for a BoCaNO get together. Good times good times!!! On Saturday morning I shot down to Plymouth for the day and enjoyed a little swimming and relaxing. I love going down there and just chilling. Afterwards I drove up to Wakefield for Scottie’s birthday party. On Sunday I stayed around Somerville, cleaned the house and stained the shelves we bought back in April. Amy came over and we went to Dr. Mark’s party, where I stepped in dog poo. On the actual holiday I once again drove down to Plymouth for the Independence Day festivities. Afterwards I drove back to Somerville because Jennifer was back from Vermont. We walked down to Cambridge and watched the fireworks. I finally got to see fireworks in Boston.
3) Jennifer and I celebrated our first year together on Friday night. We went back to Dali and enjoyed a quiet evening at home afterwards. It is hard to believe a year has passed already. It has been an amazing year and I can’t put into words how happy I am with her.
4) Last Saturday I woke up bright and early so I could go pick up the new Harry Potter book. I found one right away at Stop and Shop and started reading at 7:30. I kept reading and reading throughout the day. At one point we went to our cafe where I read some more and then we went up to Amesbury for Brendan’s birthday. I just kept reading though and finished it a little after midnight, the book had 650 or so pages. It probably falls to third in my list of Harry Potter books.
5) Hamlet in the Common. Jennifer’s mom came up on Sunday and we went to the free Shakespeare show at Boston Common. I didn’t know anything about the play so it was fresh and new for me. I was blown away, we were able to sit really close and I could actually here what was going on. The guy who played Hamlet kicked ass, he actually reminded me of John Rapoza (see my Friends link). I think John could definitely be his understudy. All y’all collage girls go check it out and see what you think.

Besides the above story life has been pretty normal or at least as normal as it gets for me. I still love my job and look forward to working everyday. I don’t necessarily look forward to commuting to work, but the actual work part is good. You see now I don’t get to just walk to the T and read my Metro as I coast to work. Now I have to navigate my way out of Somerville, which is no small task between eight and nine. I have experimented with all sorts of different routes and finally settled on a favorite. While it may take a little longer, I don’t have to sit in traffic for ten minutes straight just to get through one light. It has been so long since I commuted in traffic, that I forgot just how much I hated it. This week I have been attempting a go in early or go in late policy and it seems to be working in my favor. The go in early works the best, but since it is so hot I haven’t been sleeping so well. Once the weather settles down I think it will be easier to do the early thing. Who knows though?

Before I started typing this today I was considering joining the PodCast community. It would basically be me recording a little radio show and uploading it to the internet. I could then take the link to it and put it on the iTunes Music Store. It would be a good way to stay on the cutting edge of technology and also once again allow me a creative outlet. Oh yeah I also have not forgotten about making the Best CD ever. Hopefully I will have it done by the end of the summer.

I hope this satisfies all of you eager readers.

Hope all is well,