One Week Down a Lifetime to Go

Kaleb: Day Eight

Well our little man is officially a week old, actually at this point he is one week, two hours and forty minutes old. He continues to impress us everyday with his progress. As I said in the previous entry his weight has possibly bottomed out and he is hopefully on the way up up and away. We spent most of the day today at the hospital and were lucky enough to have a few visitors. First, Nonna showed up during the noon time feeding and was lucky enough to hold the little guy. No sooner had the feeding begun when my dad and Anne showed up to visit also. We figured out a schedule and everybody got some face time with the little guy. It was really nice to spend the whole day with him, normally I only get to stop by for about an hour, but today was a different story. It was nice to see him out of his little house three times. You hear it all the time, but I am also going to utter this, “He changes everday.” Its just amazing how much of a difference one week makes. He is much more active now and when he wakes up he looks around for quite a while taking in all of the views. I have been lucky enough to hold him twice in the last twenty four hours and it is the greatest feeling in the world to have him looking up at me. I always get him to do a little smirk here and there which is very rewarding. I think tomorrow I might go in during Jennifer’s shower and meet my brother while I feed Kaleb a bottle. It will be my first time there without Jennifer, but I think I will be able to hold my own, it also helps that there are a bunch of nurses there to help me out.