The Drought Is Over

Okay people get your minds out of the GUTTER!!!! The fishing drought is over, I went out on good ol’ Long Pond Saturday night with Mark and he told me we weren’t leaving until I caught something. After about an hour or so I got a bite. It was rather shocking and I didn’t know what to do. Mark coached me and within a couple minutes of reeling the little teeny fish was in sight. As soon as I got it out of the water it jumped off the hook and was free again, but we decided it was a valid catch. A few minutes later and there was another tug on the line and this time I was able to pull the fish into the boat and take the picture below.

After that we both didn’t get a thing, but the most important part was that the fishing drought had come to an end, hopefully everybody out there will see a little extra good luck in your lives today. It appears that me catching the fish may have impacted the winds on Long Pond, because Mark said there were consistent winds all yesterday afternoon. Does this mean there is hope for the BoSox? They did win yesterday. Here are some more pictures Plimoth Saturday

On Friday after work we said good bye to a long time employee at Peking Tom’s and as is usually the case when State Street people get together it was an interesting scene. I had to take off a bit early, but apparently lots of memorable events occurred after I left. Apparently thats a good thing, because the pictures that might have surfaced good have been devastating. I was lucky enough to get all of the details on the train ride home.

Sunday I went home for a little while to visit my vacationing Mom. After washing my car I ended up going on a little adventure along the Seacoast of NH. The weather stayed relatively nice for most of the day and I did get some new pictures at Odiorne Point State Park. It was nice to go to Margarita’s again for the first time in ages. The salsa there is so hot and yummy and the quesadilla’s are to die for. Haha. Who say’s that? It was a great afternoon and evening.

Now the new work week has started and so far today I haven’t done much of anything. I think I need to start packing my things for the big move which is only a couple weeks away. I need to start changing all of my addresses again, which really stinks.

Random Thought: Music is amazing!!!