10 Pounder???

I am a bit late on updating this information, so bear with me. On Monday Jennifer and Kaleb went to baby/mommy yoga, and at some point in the day had access to a scale. Since it has been over a month since he was last weighed, she of course couldn’t resist and plopped our little man onto it for a weigh in. The results showed he now weighs in around 9lbs 14oz and is now about 22 ½ inches long. Assuming one ounce a day, he is now probably right at 10 pounds. So he is now almost three times his lowest weight of 3lbs 6oz. He sure is growing up fast.

Okay now I need to get ready for breakfast with Kate and then back to work for another long day, thankfully I have tomorrow off though. Hopefully we will be driving up to Portland tomorrow, assuming the weather isn’t going to be too bad.