49 Days

Here are a couple of albums from the past few days.
Kaleb: Day 46
Kaleb: Day 48
Today Kaleb is seven weeks old and has been home for four weeks. Its hard to believe that we have known him for forty nine days or that he has been home for so long. Kaleb has been doing great and has been doing a much better job of sleeping at night. The last few nights he has slept for three hours at a stretch, which has been a nice change.

Today we were visited by the Noonans, for the first time since Kaleb was born. It was so great to see them. It was so weird seeing a full sized baby, Jamison was so much bigger than Kaleb. It’s hard to believe that someday he is going that big and even bigger, and only in a few months time. I am sure it is going to fly by, just as the last 49 days.

We did get out today, when we went over to Cara and Jeff’s for dinner. I got to play the PS3 again and did a little better on F1 Racing, although I struggled once I started competing against other cars.

Now we are home and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we make our way back up to Amesbury for Easter dinner at my dad’s house. We can’t pass up the opportunity to meet my brother’s new lady friend. It is very exciting that it is Kaleb’s first Easter. We didn’t get him anything this year, but I am sure he will get plenty of goodies, that I will have to eat.

Happy Easter!!!