The Good, The Bad

Yesterday was an odd day, here are the highlights:
Sleeping in until 7:45. Good.
Walking two miles to work in the 85 degree heat. Bad.
Getting Friday off for a day of mourning. Good.
The added work to make the holiday run smoothly. Bad.
Eating lunch at the Upper Crust. Good.
Carrying hot pizza across Boston Common in the heat. Bad.
Setting up expenses for a new fund for an hour. Surprisingly Good.
New expenses not working the next morning. Bad.
Taking the Green Line to VolleyballCaNO to save about a mile of walking. Good.
Getting off two stops to early. Bad.
The ability to still play a decent game of volleyball. Good.
Ripping my boxer shorts from bending over in above volleyball game. Bad.
Driving with Clemence in her car, with a shower curtain over the passenger door. Scary.
Clemence trying to park her car with a shower curtain over the passenger door. Very Scary.
Cleaning the dirt off of my arms and legs in the bathroom of the Asgard. Good.
Putting on my wrinkled, sweaty work clothes again, but still wearing the ripped boxers. Bad.
Guzzling down four glasses of water and a glass of lemonade. Good.
The Asgard screwing up my order and putting lettuce and tomatoes in it. Bad.
The rain stopping before I had to walk to the T. Good.
Waiting fifteen minutes for a train at Central Square. Bad.
Making it to my train with 240 seconds to spare. Good.
Running from Charles/MGH T stop to North Station. Bad.
Taking a cold shower to clean up and cool off. Good.
Sleeping in 70 degree weather with 100% humidity. Bad.