DNC 2004: Day Two

Once again it was a very easy commute in to Boston. The steel drum band wasn’t there, but once again a bunch of people were helping us find our buses in Lynn. When walking to the buses it felt like I was a member of a jury who had gone to the scene of the crime for investigation. There are just so many police and authorities around as if you are a target for somebody. I made it to work in less time than yesterday.

At lunch I was determined to see somebody famous, so I had my camera handy. While walking through Quincy Market there was a huge crowd of people outside of some outdoor restaurant. I stopped to look at who was eating and didn’t recognize anybody famous. I got pizza and met up with Britt and Vanessa. We went back to the restaurant where the crowd had grown in size. So we did like everybody else and just stood there trying to recognize somebody. Its an odd thing, all it would take is one person standing there and these giant crowds form. Very strange.

We walked to the park and must have been stopped a dozen times by people who wanted money, signatures or to offer us free CD’s. I am starting to get annoyed by these people they seem like they are everywhere these days. In the Common there was a little hippie festival with live music and braless women. It was boring and nobody cool was there except for the Grim Reaper on top of a tall scaffold. I gave up the star search and went back to work only to be teased by the boston.com celebrity sightings page.

The commute home was smooth with no problems to report.
Day Two Photos