Isn't my face proof enough?

Yesterday was the last day of the month, which means I had to go and buy a T pass for December. So we went down to the Washington Street concourse and stood in the sixty person line. Thankfully it moved along rather quickly and after about fifteen minutes I made it up to the window. I asked for a Subway Plass and then corrected myself. Next I gave my credit card and license to the woman behind the glass. The reason I gave both was because my signature has worn off of my credit card, probably due to excessive use. The woman gave the card back and asked me to sign it before she processed the transaction. Now this seems kind of silly because now my signature is definitely going to match the card, not much security gained there. I tried to sign it, but what it can’t be written on and handed it back to the lady. She gave me a receipt to sign, I signed it and gave it back. She then said, “In the future to make it easier for us could you please make your signature on the receipt look more like your license signature.” I nodded and then walked away in awe of this woman. I figured my picture on the license was enough proof that I was me. I mean if my signature didn’t match she could look at my face and see that it was me. Ahhh how aggravating.

So December is here and its raining again. I looked at the radar for New England and Maine seems to be getting soaked again. After the rain up there on Sunday and then again last night and today. Its like one step forward and two steps back. Hopefully by the end of early next year they will have more than six trails open. It has to get cold eventually right. On the bright side they may open two more trails (33% increase in run count) this weekend (Lazy River and American Express) bringing the true grand total up to 8 runs. I think at this point in the season you can’t go on the trail count because it is inflated. For instance Sunday River says they have 11 trails open but in actuality only four runs are truly open. What variety!!!