Dating Stories Volume 2: Online Dating

After not experiencing much luck with Travis I decided to resort to the internet and see what luck I could have there. I put a profile on personals. A few months earlier I had been entered into the Boston Hotties contest with a picture of me eating a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with a Kyle hat from South Park. My answers to the questions were: Favorite food- Girl Scout Cookies, Ideal First Date - Museum of Science and Dunkin Donuts Or Starbucks? - Starbucks because of the apple cider.

I began by writing to a couple different girls, but of course as tends to be the case none of them wrote back. Then one day I received an email from a girl. Her profile didn’t have a picture, but at the time this was very typical. We sent a couple emails back and forth, and she didn’t have a picture to send. I was rather naive and didn’t think twice about it. We finally set up a meeting at Hampton Beach despite me never seeing her picture. So I was driving there and was extremely nervous, to the point that I was shaking. I grabbed control of myself and went to the meeting spot and there she was sitting on a bench. She wasn’t very attractive at all, I typically go for the thinner girls and she was not thin. I was nice though and we talked for a little while before walking. We were non chalantly walking down the sidewalk and she kept ducking out of the way. I asked what was going on and she told me how she was afraid of birds. I thought this was rather amusing and we continued walking. After a while she went on to tell me about her past relationships and at one point either suspecting things weren’t going well she told me I could let her know whether or not I found her attractive. I was put on the spot, if I lie and say no, well thats just misleading, if I say yes her feelings will be hurt and if I say nothing it is just like saying yes. Somehow I dodged that bullet and we walked back to her car. I was anxious to get out of there, but she wanted to talk some more. Luckily a large flock of sea gulls and within minutes she became frightened and decided she had to go. Before leaving though she was sure to ask me if I wanted to join her and her friends on a boat cruise that night. I told her I had plans and wouldn’t be able to go. I got out of there and vowed never to meet an online girl without a picture again.

The next girl I met online had a picture and she actually looked really good. We agreed to meet and go to the Jose Macintyre block party. Despite not wearing a lamp shade on my head, as she requested it wasn’t too difficult to find each other. Upon seeing her I was surprised to see just how beautiful she was compared to her picture. I was intimidated because she carried herself very well as opposed to my little mouse like condition. We made it to the block party and all they were selling was Bud Light. Now earlier in the day they guys at work said I needed to learn how to drink beer, because a girl was not going to be impressed by my girlie drinks. Of course they were right and I ordered a Bud Light for each of us. We walked into the loud crowd and immediately ran into her ex boyfriend’s roommate who was rather annoying and obnoxious. She apologized for the disturbance and we continued trying to chat in the giant crowd. A couple minutes later I hear somebody scream my name and come over to give me a hug. It was a former co-worker, who I hadn’t seen in a while. She immediately notices my beer and says, “You’re drinking.” I brush it off and continue with my date. Nothing is said by either of us. Two minutes later the same thing happens but with a different girl. I am now forced to admit to my date that I never drink beer and that the two I had on that day were my first two ever. She laughed and we both decided to leave the lame block party and get some dinner. We ended up at Cheers, where we both ordered food and had a more Keegan like date. After an hour and a half of chatting I walked back with her towards my work. We hugged good bye and in hindsight I think she wanted a kiss, but I foolishly just went into the garage and got into my car. I didn’t really understand the dating procedures and I never called her back. I think when she said, “You are young still.” at one point in the date I got turned off.


Second no picture girl

Lauri and the gotta have it

Laura the great date without a call back