The Year of the Three

Our first big task of the new year, as you can see, was preparing the nursery. We started by tearing up the old flooring, which was a vinyl surface on top of a relatively nice wood floor. It was easy to remove and we quickly stuffed it into the empty stroller box. We swept up next and moved some of the furniture around to make for a better nursery layout. Later in the day my mom and Jon bought the crib and dresser we had picked out at the Baby Depot in Peabody, a very generous and kind gesture. We unpacked everything, and it all looked great except for one slat on the crib, which was bowed inward. Since it was a big purchase and such an important piece of furniture, we decided to wait a day and see if we could get a replacement piece from the store. So yesterday Jennifer called the Baby Depot and they said we could bring the side in and switch it for a new one. So we hopped in the car and drove up to Peabody to get the new side and also a mattress. Once we were back home I quickly put all of the stuff together and within an hour of so Jennifer began putting the bedding into it. So now it is in a good state. The only things left to do are to remove my old white desk and to paint the room. It is all very exciting, we are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of Three.
Nursery Video

Here are some other photos from the last few weeks.
Christmas Photos
Ice Sculptures in Boston Common on New Year’s Eve