While I am waiting for my pictures to upload to shutterfly I will begin my entry and try to keep it brief. Lets start with Friday, because it came first. I went to see Bad Boys II, it was very entertaining despite its two and a half hour length. The action scenes were over the top and the crowd, oohed and aahed more than once to decapitations, violent gun shots right into the victim’s forehead and many more. Go check it out I give it a B+, would have been and A- if they ended it forty five minutes sooner.

Saturday I went to the beach with Emily. I finally got to go for a ride in her car and realized how rare I am actually the passenger. It was great to be able to enjoy the sites instead of having to focus on the road. Here is the summary from that: Beacon St, Beach Pizza, Ben & Jerry’s, lost in Southern New Hampshire. Fun, fun, fun!!

My first David Gray concert was on Saturday night in Portland. I picked Nissa up and we went North. Traffic was non existent and we made it with plenty of time to spare, so since it was my first time in the Old Port, I know very sad seeing as I went to UMaine, we grabbed a Starbucks coffee and checked out the scene. It was great and I would live there in a minute, if I could find a job there. The show was amazing!!! David puts on a hell of a performance. He played a lot of stuff from the latest album, but also mixed in some older stuff. The acoustics were great, however our section was a bunch of boring people who sat through most of the show, so we were forced to dance in our seats. Some people went down to the back of the floor to dance, it was hilarious watching the exodus onto the floor. In a rare stint of rule breaking for me, I brought my camera =-O I came out of there with some good pictures, though I am still learning how to shoot at night. David Gray Photos David Gray Video I can’t wait for the next show in our area, I am there.

Yesterday, Nissa, Em and I went out on the boat. As always I was stressed about putting the boat in and taking it out, but it went off without a problem. We went out to the ocean, went north to Hampton and then came back to the area off of the Salisbury Reservation. I dropped anchor and we stayed there for a few hours, swimming, eating, and just laying there. It was very relaxing and couldn’t have gone more smoothily. The water was freezing, but I still managed to jump in a couple of times. I am now quite sunburned, but what are ya gonna do? The quote of the day came from Emily when we were discussing careers and I said I knew I liked computers in high school. Her response was, “They had computers when you were in high school.” I took these Beach/Boat Pictures

Finally, I had a soccer game yesterday and once again hurt myself. It was the beginning of the second half and I ran for the ball. I was alone and somehow my leg got caught and bent the wrong way. I had to sit out the rest of the game and now walk with a limp. We did end up coming back from down 5-2 and won 8-7. I hope I am better for next week.

Question of the Day
It looks like it will be getting quite tropical around here this week and we will get the rain storms typically seen by Floridians. How do you feel about summer rainstorms?