Kaleb's First Christmas

Christmas 2007

We celebrated Kaleb’s first Christmas last week and it was exactly what one might expect from a 10 month old. First of all he didn’t really get it and just ended up getting frustrated with the whole thing. I think he didn’t like how crowded it was in his normal play area and on top of that every time he got a hold of wrapping paper we took it away from him. He seems to look at paper these days in the same way that Jennifer and I look at chocolate. Today he even managed to get some paper from an emery board. Anyway once the morning of present opening was over he had a very difficult time falling asleep, which only compounded the problem. Eventually he did fall asleep in his bouncy seat, which ave us a chance to prepare for the party. Once everybody arrived for the party he was wide awake and glad to see all of the guests. It didn’t take long for him to run out of gas though and a couple hours in we tried to get him to take a nap with no luck. He was pretty exhausted, but still behaved so well. Finally once everybody cleared out we were able to get him to take a nap and upon waking up he was in good spirits.

Fast forward to Friday and Kaleb came down with a cold and has had a runny nose and a dry throat ever since. He is still happy, but is very squeaky and slimy. Besides that he is doing well and has really become super mobile over the last couple weeks. We are finally to the point where you can’t leave the room without him tearing across the room and getting in to something he shouldn’t be touching. Standing up is no big deal now and once he is up ends up cruising all over the place. I can say with almost complete confidence right now that in only a few weeks he will be walking on his own.

A snow storm has already started and depending on the network you listen to we are getting anywhere from 1 to 10 inches. This coupled with my mom’s New Year’s Eve party tomorrow afternoon probably measn we won’t be going in to Boston to see the ice sculptures and other First Night displays. Oh well maybe next year.