All Moved In!!!!

Its been almost three days now since we started moving our stuff in and I am happy to say we are all finished. Finished as in we are all unpacked except for two boxes and the house is all put away and in normal working order. On Thursday night we started moving things around 5:30 and within an hour had seven people helping us. Andy came by with his Jeep. Britt, Sara and Vanessa traveled all the way up here from the North End. Melissa came by on her way home from work. Tom and Jeny also came by with their Subaru. Since there were so many people we had nearly all of the stuff done by nine o’clock. All of our helpers dispersed and turned down the offer for free pizza, so Jennifer and I went to Bertucci’s. We were so hungry and tired we nearly finished an entire pizza. Due to the progress we had made moving and how it was only two hours until April 1st we decided to stay at the new place. It was a nice surprise since we originally planned to stay on the futon at Jennifer’s old apartment.

Due to a lack of curtains and a new situation we didn’t sleep well and woke up bright and early. We did a little arranging in the morning and then went over to finish up Jennifer’s old apartment. It took us about four hours to empty it, because there was a bunch of stuff that wasn’t packed and we also had to clean up. However by 1:30 we had moved everything to Willow Ave and started up towards Amesbury to return the truck. We made it back to Somerville a couple hours later and I was able to renew my parking permit. In Davis Square we grabbed a couple sandwiches and started the unpacking of everything. Starting in opposite sides of the house we slowly made our way through the boxes and furniture and within a few hours we actually had made a lot of progress. By the time we went to bed everything had found a place and we only had about a dozen boxes left to unpack. It was amazing how much we had accomplished. I think it had something to do with the fact that neither of us can stand stuff not in its right place.

Saturday morning was great. We unpacked a little more and deocorated a little more before setting out for a five hour shopping extravaganza. First we went to HomeGoods, I really don’t like that store. Afterwards we went to the Burlington Mall and picked up a brand new wine tower from Crate and Barrel. It matches everything perfectly and holds twelve bottles of wine. Lunch at Finagle A Bagel and then off to Target. We bought curtains, curtain rods, baskets, a hamper and eight million other things it seems. I was happy because we got the extension cord and coaxial cables I needed to finish up my electronics projects. After a brief stop at Home Depot for some tiles and another brief stop at a second target and we were on our way home. Once back at home I finished up the entertainment center and left for a while.

Today I made some french toast and puttered around with some of my stuff and also assembled the wine tower. We walked to the store and bought a bunch of groceries and then came home. Which brings us to right now. After this entry I will be attempting my first batch of salsa. If its good I’ll be sure to have some at the house warming party later this month or early next month.

Happily settled on Willow Ave,