Dating Stories Volume 1: Travis Set Ups

After Caitlin I went into a bit of a depression and lost about 30 pounds with my low being 140 pounds. It was pitiful display, but eventually I gained back my appetite for food and women. So as most people do I turned to a friend to help in my pursuit of my next girlfriend. My only friend at the time ended up being Travis, so I asked him for help. He said he had a ton of possibilities, so at first I was excited and couldn’t wait to get out there. Little did I know the women he was going to set me up with were less than spectacular. Basically he meets girls on the internet and in some cases the girls prefer to meet with there friends, which brings a need for an extra guy. Now if you thought internet girls were bad, you can’t imagine how bad there friends are.

One such date involved us driving all the way down to Gloucester and meeting a couple of girls. Of coure I was stuck with the fat chick and we went out to a local dive bar in Gloucester. I was dressing in khakis and a nice J. Crew sweater, lets just say I was extremely over dressed. We sat at this odd bar for about an hour, and at one point both of the girls ex boyfriends showed up and gave us a hard time. Eventually they went away and we were able to sit and enjoy each others company. Not long after that somebody came in and told us how a man was drunk outside and threatening to drive his truck into the side of the building. I took that as our cue to go somewhere else and we followed the girls’ car to another bar, that was even less civilized than the first one. It was pitch black in there and everybody was the definition of White Trash. I felt really out of place in this bar, but of course we had to stick around and listen to techno while the freaks danced. Finally, I was able to convince Travis to leave and we went back to the girls’ house. Of couse being Travis he had to stand outside the truck and make out with his girl for the next half hour, luckily my date went into the house. We were on the way home and he was talking on the phone with his girl and she asked if I liked her friend. He said he wasn’t sure and then she said well if he wanted a blow job she would have given him one.

Another Travis set up involved us meeting the girls at his house and jumping in my car for a ride to Margarita’s. I volunteered to drive since I didn’t want to ride in their car. We went to dinner and my date this time proceeded to make fun of me and everybody else at the table. She seemed to really hate Travis, I don’t know if it was because she was jealous of the attention he was getting from her friend or if she was just in love with Travis. The dinner finally ended in Travis’ driveway where he began making out with his companion outside of the car while I awkwardly sat in the car with my date. We talked a little bit and then she offered her phone number, I politely declined which in hindsight seems like a really rude thing to do. Even the guys at work, thought I was an ass for not taking the number and just not calling her. Finally the girl got out of my car and I drove home.

The next date set up by Travis was a little bit better. The girl this time worked part time in a flower shop and was rather alternative. We met for Italian food in North Hampton. The dinner went well and as always we made fun of Travis, its seems like it could be a national pasttime. After dinner I gave my date a ride home and we talked a lot about things, but we definitely had nothing in common, she was looking forward to moving away and it just wasn’t happening. I dropped her off and that was that.

Finally Travis did a good job of setting me up, probably because it was a gril he met in person’s friend. We drove up to Durham and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing Marsha. She had graduated from college and was about to start teaching. We went out to dinner somewhere and it was a good evening. I dropped her off at her house and I think we kissed, but I can’t be sure. I called her on the phone and we went out just the two of us the next time and had another great time. Things seemed to be going well, but since I was new to dating it always took the whole date before I was able to try and kiss her. As the end of the summer came we were only able to see each other very rarely as in once every three weeks. So after a few dates she sent me an email one day. The email started by saying nice things about me which is never a good sign. She then went on to list priorities in her life in order and basically numbered them. Well the first priority is my new job and next is my family followed blah blah blah. And then there comes new friends, which is where you fit in. I basically fell to number seven on the list.