I know I just don't quit

I just got back from lunch with the “Lovely Ladies”, Britt and Vanessa. I don’t know why they keep coming all the way across the common just to go to lunch with little old me. I usually just talk the entire time to the point of exhaustion. It took me forever to finish my sandwich today because I was talking so damn much. Anyway I definitely had a good time and it stinks that they will both be going home in the next couple of weeks.

After lunch we found a cool website, with some pretty funny home movies by a random kid. The site is Matthouchin.com. First check out the movies and also be sure to check out his “Cell Phone Collection”.

Okay now I am going to test a new LJ html tag, it should allow me to shrink up the space my large entries take up on everybody’s friends’ pages.
The part you are reading right now should only be viewable from the second page. I can now extend my stories as long as I want without fear of it looking too long. I hope I just get used to using it.