Sushi with Sushi

Yesterday was Suha’s last day, we went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Ginza. I tried some sushi with tuna in it, the video of it is quite amusing since Suha kept make nauseating sounds while I tried to eat it. The afternoon was uneventful except for the floppy disk fun we had while going through some boxes under my desk. I have a bunch of boxes under my desk with papers and software in them from the early 90’s. I decided if nobody would even know to come to me for this stuff I can throw it away, so that is exactly what I did. It is just impossible for me to throw stuff away.

After work I went home and then to Newburyport for the gym. Brendan saw me carrying my camera and asked me to take some pictures of the Newburyport waterfront and I did, taking at least fifty pictures. I haven’t put them online, but they did turn out great.

I looked for some apartments online yesterday and today. I can’t quite decide where I want to live, it changes from day to day. Melrose-Malden OR Amesbury-Newburyport? Ah I can’t decide.

Have a great weekend!!!
K. Willis