Surprise Rain

I was running late this morning because I watched some of the 20 hours of TV I have on tape. So I rushed to get things together opened the door and it was raining out. Quick change of plans I went back inside and quickly switched jackets. Problem solved!!! Boy am I resourceful or what?

Last night was BoCaNO at the Kinsale. We really sucked it up at the trivia, it just wasn’t our night. It was great to hang out with friends and to eat a yummy meal, although Amy kept trying to eat my fries. Thats not a great idea, kind of similar to removing a dog bowl from a dog while he is eating. Luckily Amy I don’t bite, well at least not in public ;o) We also talked politics a little bit last night, which seems to be a growing theme in my life recently. I never really cared, but for some reason I have been thinking a lot about it lately. I have been researching to decide my party affiliation, it is tough in some respects I have beliefs which fall on either side. It is very confusing and I am probably going to find myself sitting somewhere in the middle. I don’t mean to turn this into a political journal, but it is interesting to think about. The hardest part of this has been trying to fine definitions for what each party believes in. I guess it comes from the nature of the topic and everybody is on one side or the other. I am sure it will take a lifetime to sort it all out. Enough politics.

T-7 days until I leave for Amsterdam. It will be so great to be away from work for almost two weeks. Hooray!!!
T-105 days until my first DMB show of the year in St. Louis.
T-147 days until I travel to Tampa to see DMB.

I sure do love to travel.