An Ounce a Day Keeps the Vegetable Oil Away

Kaleb had another follow up weight appointment at the doctor’s office today and now tips the scales at 5lbs 7oz, that translates to an ounce a day. Given his amazing weight gain abilities the doctor says he can now do all breast feedings with the bottle to supplement each feeding. Not only does this mean he won’t have to have the breast milk, formula and corn oil mixture. We aren’t sure, but hope this will help with his gas. Jennifer is super excited because it means she won’t need to do anymore pumping and I am excited because we might get to tap into the breast milk reserves in the freezer.

Now moving backwards I need to talk about the weekend. It was really a great weekend, one of the highlights being the big purchase of a brand new MacBook. Yep thats right we went crazy and picked up a new computer on Saturday. So far it has far exceeded my expectations, within minutes of turning it on I was video conferencing with my mom up in Amesbury. After a couple nights of tweaking the settings we were also able to do a video conference with Jennifer’s parents. I can’t say how cool it is to be able to see people hundreds of miles away.

The other big events of the weekend were Kaleb’s first trip to a coffee shop, his first trip to the supermarket and a surprise visit of Nonna and sir. It was really great to get out of the house with Kaleb and to go to a coffee shop for the first time in ages. Besides that everything is going really well and we are really enjoying parenting. Our little man is such a character and is always making us laugh. He’s just crazy.