Apartment Pictures

After many requests I went through my new apartment last night and took some pictures. It felt strange walking through at eleven o’clock at night taking random pictures, but well it wouldn’t be the first random thing I have ever done. I didn’t get home until late last night so I didn’t move much stuff around, except for clothes. Oh well I have as long as I want I guess.

For those of you with some decent bandwidth check out the Apartment Walk-Through

Mark and I were at Sidebar last night to reward ourselves for such shitty days at work. I love how sketchy drunk guys just talk to you out of the blue. This guy just started talking to us and going on about such random stuff. I guess he was nice enough but I couldn’t understand a damn thing he was saying. Hopefully someday I don’t end up like that guy though.

Time to start another wonderful day.

Hey Britt what do you think about your breakfast at the end of the slide show. Wasn’t it so yummy!!