On The Edge Of Your Seats

First let me thank you all for your support with regards to the job interview. I think it went very well, but apparently I won’t know for a while since they do some sort of committee style hiring, which involves several interviews. Even if I don’t get it I will be getting a lot of interview practice for the next time I apply for a job. My interviewer today is the person in charge of the person who is hired for the position. He was very knowledgeable about code and even critiqued the sample I brought for him. It would be so nice to have a boss who knows how to write code. Well my fingers are remaining crossed and hopefully this interview process will extend long enough for me to get my bonus at State Street.

Tonight we went to a movie for BoCaNO, which I must say was a refreshing change and rather enjoyable even if the movie wasn’t that great. Now I know SOME of you will say I laughed at it and this is true. It just reminded me a lot of As Good As It Gets, but not nearly as good. Don’t get me wrong there were funny parts, but there was no logical reason why Polly would be with Reuben. They just weren’t compatible at all, I know people have to be opposites to some extent, but they never lasted more than a week after the end of the movie.

Finally to all of you anonymous anonymous posters I have a way to track you now so beware. I found a cool website Visual Route that will trace the ip address back to its source. So I am quite confident yesterdays anonymous poster was my Aunt. Try it out yourself. Register your email and the click on your IP address to figure out where you are.

Okay time for bed.