Long Pond Triathlon

I had a busy Saturday in Plymouth at the Long Pond Triathlon. My day started at 6:15 and I drove to pick Clemence up in Wollaston. We then made our way to Plymouth. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to compete and was forced to sit on the sidelines and take pictures. Mark ended up winning the race by beating the other guy who did all three legs. It was a bunch of fun and everybody was great. We then went swimming as a cool down for the very warm day. Noelle showed up while Mark and Kate were out racing and we took the boat out to watch them.
After sailing we went to the Warren’s for some good old fashioned baseball. We got there in the middle of a game and just joined in on the fun. I had a great game, started off with a single which I ran out despite wearing sandals. I came up to bat again and hit a shot deep into the trees over centerfield and came around toward second base and dove into second base for a double. Finally in the bottom of the ninth we were down 15-5, but staged a rally started by Mark with his two run homerun, I followed his at bat with a solo homer of my own. We still came up short the final score was 15-11. We hung out after the game and saw some crazy lightning. Once back at Kate’s we realized Noelle had locked her keys in the car. I went over and checked out the situation and noticed the back window wasn’t completely closed into the housing and it could be pulled to show some space. I got my flashlight out and tried using a bamboo shoot, but couldn’t get leverage. We found a metal ruler and unlocked it in a matter of seconds. It was such a great feeling. Afterwards we hung out and played some ring game and just hung out.

Okay one more thing before I go. Did anybody see or hear the story about the family who had an event on their front lawn yesterday trying to find a boyfriend for their daughter? Here is the story.. The girl is 22 years old and has a four year old daughter and her mom is fed up with the boys she has been on dates with so after watching “Who Wants to Marry Our Dad?” decided to have a contest for their daughter. I saw the footage of it last night and believe me the real winners came out of the woodworks. My favorite was a guy with a mullet who said he hadn’t been on a date in seven years, hmm, Mr. Mullet I wonder why. I should have shown up I would have taken the field and would be on my way to marriage. Perhaps I should convince my parents to get involved and have a “Who Wants to Marry My Son?” Perhaps if it gets as bad as not dating somebody for seven years I may resort to that, but for now I am going to leave contests out of it.