Back To Bethel

I finally made a trip back up to Bethel this past weekend. I drove up on Saturday morning and skiied for most of the afternoon. Since it was only my third day of the season and first in about a month, my legs were a bit shaky. The good news is that I have perfected skiing alpine on telemark skis. It might seem like I am wussing out, but it is the only way I am going to be able to ski for more than two hours. The conditions weren’t exactly great, with lots of hard pack ice everywhere, I did hear from sources that on Monday the skiing was fantastic because of a half foot of fresh snow. After skiing we all went to a packed Grizzly, which was too much for me. Mark, Kate and I had a classic dinner at Suds, followed by a quiet evening back at the house. I only lasted a few hours on Sunday before making the long trip back home. I never realized before just how long it takes to drive from Bethel to Somerville, it’s crazy. It gave me a great chance to test out my satellite radio which worked like a charm the entire ride. I actually listened to one channel all the way from Bethel to Somerville, which was much better than trying to figure out what channels had good music throughout the journey.

Not much else going on. All the wedding stuff is still about the same, although we began discussing where we will be staying the night before the wedding. I really want to stay in my own bed in Somerville instead of renting out a room in a hotel fifteen miles from here. Jennifer will most likely be staying in the hotel because of the age old tradition of not being allowed to see each other before the wedding. I don’t know what difference it makes, but what do I know. I’ll keep you posted on where I am going to be that night in case you want to come by and visit.