Master of My Domain

Over the last few months I have been starting to spend a little more time blogging and have also been thinking about creating a short podcast.  It was easy to host the blog on blogger, but when it comes to serving up the podcast, I want to have a consistent location for the RSS feed.  Initially I will probably just host the podcast on Dropbox, but at some point might have to be moved to my own space, so keeping a consistent URL will make life easier.  The simple answer to this was to buy my own domain like a grown up and luckily I had heard a lot about Hover over the last six months while listening to podcasts.  So after a couple issues getting it set up because I put the state into the zip code field I was able to register  At this point I have only hooked up this blog and the TAP Softball site, but will hopefully start working on the main page in the next couple weeks.  You can also expect episode 0 of a podcast to be released too.  Stay tuned!!