Weird Dream?

Okay so last night I was sleeping and I dreamt that I met Dave Matthews. I was outside some television studio and he was on his way in to do an interview, probably because of the interview he will be doing on the Today show on Friday. Anyway I yelled to him and he stopped over and autographed something for me, but the strange thing was he just wrote on the thing about how he was sorry he had to get going. I glanced down and said could you sign this because I didn’t want to have something randomly written on but not actually autographed. He signed it and then went into the studio. I woke up and was so disappointed that it didn’t really happen. Today I got into work and told the guys and have been paying for it ever since. I dreamt I met him and got an autograph whats the big deal. Jeepers, so what is the general consensus on this dream?