Killer Tan, Dude

Kaleb: Day 67

Just two quick notes I want to get out before starting dinner and because I just had to get these new photos out to the public. First, Kaleb got his first Red Sox cap yesterday and it almost fits him. It is actually a batting helmet, but looks just great on him. It was a gift from my mom AKA Grandmother who has not been named, she was lucky enough to drop it off in person last night and got to hold the little man.

Now for the second item, today Kaleb had his second play date with Jamison and while I wasn’t there I heard they had a wonderful time. They both dined on warm breast milk and enjoyed a long walk together. After returning to the house they also had a very candid and heartwarming photo shoot. You can see how upset Kaleb was and how Jamison kindly offered her hand out to comfort him, what a sweetheart. In return he was a little fresh boy and reached out to grab her buns. Having him sit side by side with her points out just how he has such dark skin. It looks like he has been tanning in preparation for the prom, so very metro-sexual of him.

Bye for now,