Back Tattoos?

I don’t really get the whole back tattoo movement. I always see them on women at the gym and just don’t understand the attraction of these things. One girl in particular really made me laugh. I was on the treadmill and these two women got on the treadmills in front of me. Apparently were friends, and while I don’t know for sure they could have had their back tattoos done at the same time. The one on the right was okay looking on the top half, but she had a big butt and large thighs, which is fine we are all at the gym for a reason. The problem I had was with her choice of pants. She wore tight lycra leggings, a less than flattering look for her. So as she ran on the treamill you could see every bit of her butt and thighs jiggling around. Now the best part of this was her tatoo which was a picture of a wave and said “Try to catch me”. I think the wave was a perfect symbol but a bit redundant considering the waves of fat that were created from her running.