I made it into another feature Tom Green Look-A-Like

I figured out what it is I don’t like about the winter. Everthing you do in winter takes twice as long as it does in the summer. In the summer when I want to leave my house it is as easy as slipping on some flip flops and opening the door. In the winter I have to make sure I grab my hat from my room before I go down the hall and put on my hiking or snow boots, then I have to put on two layers of coats. It is such a pain in the butt. Walking everywhere also takes twice as long because you have to navigate through the snow piles and it is much harder to get any traction in the mushy snow. I also have found it takes a lot longer to go visit Jen because I can’t drive over there anymore and must walk the mile to her house. Let me tell you it is a really long walk in these conditions.

Work has been going really well lately. I have a second interview for the State Street job next week, so apparently I have made it to the second round. I am very excited for this position and have my fingers crossed. Tonight I will be leaving for Sunday River because I have tomorrow off. It will be nice to ski on a Friday when there aren’t many people on the mountain. I might even try to telemark this weekend for some extra exercise.

I just found a cool new internet search feature on the website. Go to this link Amazon Yellow Pages. Type 02114 for the zip code and then on the left in the yellow search box type in a business. Try Dunkin Donuts or CVS and you will certainly get a hit. Now in the search results it will list different locations and some of them will have pictures next to them. Click on the picture and you will be shown an exterior shot of the actual business. You can then move up and down the street and see other businesses in the area. Cool stuff.
Have a great weekend.