The Revolution Begins 1-9-06

I finally joined the revolution on Wednesday, when I purchased my Sirius satellite radio. You see Howard Stern has moved to Sirius and the first show will broadcast on Monday. It was tough finding a radio in the Boston area because they were sold out all over the place, luckily I used Circuit City and found the two pieces I needed in Burlington and Salem, NH. I drove all the way up to Salem, got my new toys and headed back to Somerville to install them in time for the Howard 100 news at six, basically this a real newscast, with all Howard Stern related news. Within ten minutes of returning home I was listening to my first satellite broadcast and I was so excited. Once it was up and running I moved it into the bedroom in preparation for Monday morning when I will wake up at 6AM, fire up the radio and listen to history being made. I know most of you don’t like Howard because of what you have heard from others or maybe even listened to yourself, but I personally think the guy is a genius and damn funny. Its nice to hear honesty for a change in the mass media instead of all the sugar coated crap you hear from most celebrities. The next time you watch Jay Leno pay attention to the lame softball questions he asks and think about questions you wished he asked them.

Anyway that is my little rant for now.

Wedding Update: We sent in a deposit for the Smith Barn in Peabody for Sunday July 2nd, 2006 from 1PM to 5PM. Save the Date!!!