Not Always Easy

I have found its not always easy to update this journal because I hate making a narrative style entry saying I did this on Saturday and that on Sunday. I suppose those entries are just as important as the clever entries that sometimes end up on this page. Well enough of that and on to the news.

The weather finally broke this past weekend, of course it wasn’t the perfect weekend, but there were moments when not a cloud was seen overhead. Saturday we spent the morning cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. I found that I had a flat tire and tried to change it except my wheel was stuck to the car so I had to call AAA. They came, put on the spare and I went to Amesbury to get it fixed. Since I was in town I stopped by the house and spent the evening with the family.

On Sunday Jen’s parents came up and we helped her sister move into her new place. Its a great apartment with lots of space and glossy hardwood floors. After moving Jen and I went back home and began putting together a pizza dinner for everybody. It was a lot of work, but everything turned out really well and I think everybody enjoyed the pizza.

Monday was my favorite day of the weekend because it involved a lot of time outdoors by the ocean. After Jen’s parents left in the morning I told Jen to pack a bag for the beach. We jumped in the car at nine and were in Rockport by ten. We found a great spot on the rocks and spent the next few hours enjoying the clear skies and beautiful views. The clouds started to roll in so we decided it was time to go back towards Somerville. We stopped by the mall on the way back so I could get a camera bag and then slowly made our way back to Somerville. It was such a nice day, I am so glad summer is finally here.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great day!!!