Decent Weather

It is Wednesday and I have had a busy week so far. First of all somehow I caught Jen’s stomach virus and was sick for 24 hours, starting early Monday morning. It all coincided with my first day of work, but I made it through without any problems. Luckily I woke up yesterday and felt 100% better. Since I was feeling better I rollerbladed over to Andy’s house for work. We installed some more software and then went to Matt’s to work for the afternoon. I learned a ton of stuff, mostly watching Andy walk through some modifications. It was a good day. Last night we had some people over for dinner and had a great time. Jennifer cooked up some chicken and we had tacos. This morning I will be working from home for the morning and then meeting up with Andy later to finish up the project from yesterday. I had some mySQL issues, but have since resolved them. Now on to bigger and tougher problems.