Salem Sunrise

I stepped off the train and saw this beautiful sight and decided to take a picture of it. The foreground kind of messes up the picture but its not like I’m selling these things. After this I was inspired to go to the movies last night and saw “Lost In Translation” at Hollywood Hits in Danvers. If you haven’t heard of the movie it stars Bill Murray as a washed up actor working on an advertising campaign in Japan. He befriends a woman who is also struggling with her time in Japan. They have a very unique relationship/friendship and the story was great. If you can find a theatre playing this move you should definitely check it out. Bill Murray’s performance is great, even after all these years he is still hilarious.

Another funny thing I saw today and something I see almost everyday is the vacuum guy in the city. If you don’t know him, he rides around on this thing about the size of a tractor.

He is always tooling around on his little machine there and it is just funny to watch him. He seems to not care about the people walking down the street and just backs up whenever he wants to. A couple of weeks ago I actually saw him park it for lunch and while I was tempted to get a picture on it, the guys craziness kept me off of it.

Note: Vanessa’s straight hair in slideshow.