Here’s a new song from the greatest band in the world:
I was driving with a friend
Just the other day come see an old man wrote a book and told a good story
So we sat and sipped a wine with him
We sat and had a good good time
And listened to the wisdom of the old ‘cause they know whats on the line
Its a good good time tonight
Sittin there he said
Its a good thing to have good friends young and old the same
Don’t believe what you say
Well styles okay
But you’ve gots a style of your own
Don’t listen to the tv
Just make you’re own way home
It’s a goodtime tonight
I’m hangin with you
And don’t believe theres a light thats brighter than the one that shines from you
you’re a good good time a good time tonight for sure

-David J. Matthews (Hmmm aka Thing)

Have a great day!!!