Windows 10 First Impressions

Yesterday I received a new laptop for work, which replaced my four and a half year old HP EliteBook. The old laptop ran Windows 7, had a 17” screen and could easily have been used as a boat anchor for the SS Minnow. My requests for a MacBook Pro fell on deaf ears and I received a new HP ZBook G3 with the new Intel SkyLake processor. As expected compiling our code base takes about 60% as long as it did before, so that is good. The biggest adjustment has been the switch to Windows 10, but so far it has not been to difficult to get used to it. Once I figured out how to hide the Cortana text box next to the Start button, it really felt like Windows 7, but in dark mode. I have had some trouble resizing and moving windows around, because they really want to get maximized or stuck to the edges. My workflow is slightly adapted because my favorite application launcher, Bayden SlickRun, can no longer be triggered using the Windows+Q key combination because it is now used for Cortana. Once I get past that hurdle it should be clear sailing.