Ski Weekend

A last minute change of plans sent me packing the car on Saturday morning and driving northbound towards Bethel. I have worked out a really good system that lets me spend time with Jennifer on Friday night and Saturday morning as well as get in some skiing on Saturday and a full day on Sunday. I used my tele skis on Saturday and had a nice afternoon, on Sunday I switched back to my alpines so I could keep up with the group. I have to say I have a lot more fun on the alpine skis then I do on the tele. The tele skis would be great if I went up more often and my body had a chance to strenghten the correct muscles, but this skiing once every doesn’t allow for a very enjoyable tele experience. I am still on the fence for what I will use the rest of the season, but I am leaning towards the alpines especially if I want to compete in the Bust ‘n’ Burn competition. I did hit the bumps a little bit today and it felt good, although my legs aren’t strong enough to complete an entire course.

Thanks again to Kate, Kelly and Mark for letting me crash at their house. I can’t seem to get enough of sleeping on the couch in my sleeping bag. It might not be the couch though, and may actually just be the sleeping bag. You see my sleeping bag and I go way back, I somehow inherited it about 15 years ago when I lived in my mom’s little ranch on Woodlawn street in Amesbury. You see back in those day I used to sleep on the pull out couch in the maroon sleeping bag. I used it a few times camping along the way. A couple years ago I brought it on a hike up Mt. Madison with Mark and Kate, at the time I wasn’t too happy with it because it made the hike extremely difficult. You see I never had one of those carrying bags that really compresses the sleeping bag to a nice hiking friendly size so I had it attached to my backpack in an awkward uncomfortable way. Just picture me climbing up a trail with my head tilted over at a 45 degree angle with a giant marshmallow shape on my shoulder. Talk about a sore neck!!! Anyway I recently took the sleeping bag out of storage and have been keeping it in my trunk (I read that you are supposed to do that in case you get trapped in your car). Oh maroon sleeping bag I want to thank you for keeping me so warm and cozy over the last fifteen years, without you I would have frozen on one of these cold New England nights.