Bad News:Good News

Well the bad news is that the rain is out of control up here. I just can’t believe how heavy it has been. Yes I know it was lame bad news, but I needed to come up with some clever writing technique.

The good news is that I got my Dave Matthews Band seat locations for the four shows I am going to this summer.
Here’s the breakdown:
June 17 in St. Louis - 5th row center
July 6 in Mansfield - 17th row center
July 7 in Mansfield - 4th row way back where the lawn used to be
July 29 in Tampa - 7th row center

I don’t think I did too bad. Now I just have to figure out who will be going to one of the Mansfield shows. I am really looking forward to the St. Louis show, because it will involve a nice trip to Chicago, Washington DC and in some other areas I haven’t yet decided on yet.