Yep I did some more hiking this weekend and spent most of Saturday in the ‘Bury.

Britt and I On 1A We went to Salisbury to listen to get some beach pizza and listen to the new Beastie Boys CD. Aftwerwards we took some pictures up in North Hampton.

Moosilaukee Hike Kate and I went up to hike this great mountain. It was such an easy hike, we were at the top within a couple hours and a couple hours later we were back in the car. Nice peaceful hike. Tried to eat at Peg’s restaurant, but it was closed. I made the terrible mistake of trying to go across the Kancamagnus and then down towards MA. The traffic was gross and I was amazed at my choice of route.

Finally we made it back and I went to the baseball game with Scottie, John and Appleyard. It was so much fun. When you get the three of us back together its always a crazy and hilarious time. Okay thats it for now.

I leave for St. Louis on Wednesday. Can’t wait to see Dave.